Seniors & Medicare Beneficiaries

Seniors and younger Medicare beneficiaries can face a variety of challenges in obtaining the medicines and other services they need. Senior PharmAssist helps individuals overcome those obstacles. Our program will help ANY Medicare beneficiary in Durham County – regardless of income or age – to understand and make informed decisions about traditional Medicare (A and B), supplemental coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, employer-sponsored retiree coverage, and Medicare Part D.

All Medicare beneficiaries are strongly encouraged to review their options for Medicare drug coverage annually, as policies and prices change EACH year. Senior PharmAssist will help any beneficiary in Durham review the dozens of options available to select the most beneficial plan for that person. We have created a two-page overview regarding Medicare drug benefits to help guide decision-making. We also help those eligible apply for governmental subsidies to further reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. Our hands-on help with Medicare drug coverage and related subsidies can save an individual hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Unfortunately, some older adults still struggle to afford their needed medicines. Thus, Senior PharmAssist provides direct financial assistance to Durham County residents 60 years or older with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level ($1,945/month for individuals and $2,622/month for couples). This assistance is provided for medicines covered by our program’s formulary – a list of approved medications carefully selected by a committee of community healthcare providers and staff specially trained in geriatrics. Medications on our formulary are chosen based on cost, effectiveness and safety in the geriatric population; you can view this list by clicking here. Those who have Medicare-approved drug coverage via a stand-alone Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan – but do not qualify for the government’s full low-income subsidy – can receive our supplemental coverage. Individuals 60 or older who have no prescription drug benefit (and often no medical coverage) can obtain our primary coverage for their medicines. All participants qualify for medication therapy management, tailored health education and community referral at no charge.

Senior PharmAssist provides a range of free services to older adults in Durham who ARE eligible for the federal government’s full low-income subsidy. While these individuals do not need our direct help paying for medications, they do need our assistance: maximizing their Medicare drug benefit; keeping their low-income subsidy eligibility active; managing their medications and tapping into other resources.

Note: To assist Medicare beneficiaries, we have provided a number of valuable links to other resources under the Links page of this Web site. Those looking for help selecting Medicare-approved drug plan coverage will be especially interested in our link to Medicare’s “drug plan finder tool,” which you can access by clicking here. On the Links page, you will also find links to the formularies of private companies sponsoring Medicare prescription drug plans. This information can be critical in helping you determine which drug plan is right for you.